The DASEP Specialists provide Pre-Sentence Screening reports to the courts in area 3. They make recommendations to the courts concerning the Alcohol Education/Treatment program that a person convicted of DWI/DUI and Minor in Possession of Alcohol should attend. We also provide classes, when Education is the recommendation. Referrals are made to treatment programs and other DASEP programs in Arkansas when the offender is from another part of the state.

Driving Under the Influence (Underage DUI)

It is unlawful for anyone under the age of 21 to drive with .02 alcohol in their system.

Penalties include

  • Mandatory Public service
  • License suspension
    1st offense – 90 days suspension
    2nd offense -365 days suspension
    3rd offense -3 Years or until reach age 21
  • Fine
    1st offense$100 – $500
    2nd offense $200 – $1000
    3rd offense $500 – $2000
  • Education and/or treatment mandatory for each offense.

Driving While Intoxicated

In 1983 Arkansas legislature passed the “Omnibus DWI Law”, which made it unlawful for any one to drive with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .10 in their system. Since then, the BAC has been lowered to .08. Listed below are other penalties that are relevant. This stays on your record for 5 years, for enhancement purposes.

ACT 549 as amended

Jail Time Fine*** Alcohol Treatment
Education Program
License Suspension
or Revocation
First Offense *24 hrs to 1 yr. $150-$1000 Mandatory 180 days
*7 days to 1 yr. $400-$3000 Mandatory 24 mos.
Third Offense *90 days to 1 yr. $900-$5000 Mandatory 30 mos.
Fourth Offense *1 yr. to 6 yrs. $900-$5000 Mandatory 4 yrs