About Project Second Chance

The goal of Project Second Chance is to provide support to those individuals that are frequently incarcerated and have a mental illness. We understand that the person’s mental status has an impact on his/her behavior. Sometimes these behaviors include illegal activities which involves the police and ultimately the court system. This intensive program is designed for six months to one year depending on individual progress and the judge’s orders. The program involves community collaboration to better meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of mentally ill offenders, reducing their arrests and incarcerations. Mental health services, drug and alcohol treatment, job training, and housing are examples of some of the available services.


The person who enters into Project Second Chance would be required to:
1. Attend Day Treatment (Monday – Friday) at Mid-South Health Systems.
2. Have weekly status hearings with the Judge.
3. Comply with random drug screens.
4. Have Community Intervention Specialists (case managers) make home visits.
5. Actively participate with the treatment team and treatment planning.

Note: The current charges must be active and not be disposed of in front of the Court.

Who Is Eligible?

Those who ARE
* Adults 18 years or older.
* Current non-violent felony or misdemeanor charges.
* Adults with a documented severe mental health diagnosis.
*Adults willing to function and benefit from participation with the Assertive Community Treatment/Mental Health Court Team

Those who ARE NOT
* Adults charged with a violent offense.
* Sexual Offenses.
* Homicide Offenses.
*Adults diagnosed with a Borderline Personality Disorder.
* Those that have an out of county or state detainer.
* Those whose cases have already been disposed of.

If you are interested, please let the Prosecuting Attorney, Public Defender, or the Judge presiding over your case know that you would like to be referred for further evaluation to Project Second Chance. If you have any questions, please contact Elise Tanner at 870-735-5118, extension 300 for more information.