Your Rights:

We care about you no matter:

    • What your race or religion is.
    • If you are a boy or girl.
    • Where you were born.
    • What you can or cannot do.
    • What you look like.
    • Whether your family has a little money or a lot of money.

We promise:

    • To tell you the truth.
    • To answer your questions.
    • To listen to you and your family.

You may talk about:

    • When you feel afraid.
    • When you feel angry.
    • When you feel sad.
    • When you feel happy.
    • However you feel.

We won’t tell other people what you say unless:

    • You are in danger.
    • Someone else is in danger.
    • We tell you first.

We will always try to explain things in a way you can understand.

Your Responsibilities:

So we can help you, please tell us:

    • How you feel.
    • What you and your family do at home that helps you feel better.
    • What is happening at your home.
    • What you like and don’t like about us.

So we can all be safe, please try to:

    • Follow our rules.
    • Keep yourself and others safe.
    • Never hurt yourself or other people, or even say you are going to.
    • Stay with a grown-up all the time.
    • Take good care of this place and the things in it.


A copy of your rights can be found here.