For almost five decades, Mid-South Health Systems has been a vital part of Eastern Arkansas communities. We are continually growing and expanding to ensure the best mental health services available. In our mission below you will find the committment we have made to you and our communities.

To ensure the availability of comprehensive, affordable, and quality-driven community-based mental health services that are accessible to the public and promote recovery, integrity and ethical standards for all involved.

Mid-South Health Systems Values

  • All individuals will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Services will be provided which are clinically appropriate and delivered by qualified staff who practice with the highest ethical and professional standards.
  • We will be responsive to the needs of our clients in a manner which is individualized and effective.
  • We believe in community partnership and empowerment which is a driving force of our facility as a public community mental health center.
  • Services to children and youth will be family-driven and youth-guided.
  • We will be good stewards of our resources as a community mental health center in order to ensure accessible and quality-driven services to all those in need of mental health care.
  • We will encourage client toward empowerment and self advocacy for themselves.
  • We will provide safe environments that promote a sense of security for our clients and staff.